Water Features

Swimming Pool Waterfalls and Water Features

wf4We offer a wide variety of swimming pool waterfalls  and water features to help you create your personal oasis right in your own backyard!

A swimming pool can add ambiance to any backyard. It becomes a gathering place for friends and family, and endless recreation for everyone.  The beauty of your swimming pool is enhanced by the extra features and accessories you add on.

Swimming Pool WaterFalls

We offer a wide variety of swimming pool waterfalls to help you create your personal oasis right in your own backyard!  Some of our prefabricated waterfalls emulate the look of natural rock outcroppings.  While others simulate the look of hand-laid stacked stone. Each collection is comprised of a several coordinated products including pool waterfalls, a rock slide, a diving base and coordinating rock accessories such as landscape boulders or our umbrella stand.

Laminar Jets with LED—Sheer Entertainment laminar led

Laminar Jets with LED produce clear or lighted arcs of water as they silently enter your pool or spa.  Laminar Jets with LED create spectacular backyard water entertainment with dazzling nighttime lighting effects.  Laminar Jets come standard with a built-in 12V LED light module offering vibrant lighting in nine brilliant colors and five festive color shows. Additionally the LED light intensity can be adjusted to your preference. Laminar Jets are also available with a fiber optic module that accepts lighted fiber optics.

Laminar Jets interface easily with Aqualink RS and PDA controllers. Multiple jets can be combined and synchronized with Zodiac’s Pool and Spa LED lights. …You Control The Show!  Laminar Jets are also available with the unique Pour-A Lid™ option, enabling easy coordination with your deck finish.


Easily adjusted at the deck to create arcs of water up to 7′ high and can project 8′ into the pool

Aside from colorful lighting and landscape, a waterfall and water features can make a difference and will add beauty to any swimming pool.  The constant movement of water flowing makes any pool lively. w2jpg

Sit poolside and listen to the soothing sound of water cascading over your waterfall.  It is sure to provide relaxation after a busy day. 

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