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Dunrite Pools Long Island Inground Pool Construction Leader

Dunrite Pools specializes in building and remodeling vinyl swimming pools.  All pool shapes and sizes are available to accommodate various yards and budgets. Dunrite Pools will get the required permits, for your job.  They perform the excavation and do the complete installation of your pool.

Shape Of Your Inground Pool

Don’t let the size or the configuration of your yard deter you from your new swimming pool.  Swimming pools come in various shapes and if you don’t like a standard shape you can always do a custom shape.

Inground Swimming Pools

Typical pool construction from dig to completion usually takes 14 days.  Construction on your inground pool occurs in phases.  These phases include:

If additional features are part of the scope of work, they will be completed throughout the phase process.

Inground Pool Excavation

The first phase consists of the excavation of the pool and grading of the pool area. Excavation usually can be completed in a few days. The path to your pool site must be clear of any fences or gates.  These should be removed to provide the access to the yard.  Grass will get damaged when it’s in the access path but is typically easily replaced with seed or sod.

After excavation, heavy equipment will no longer be required to enter the pool area.  Everything else is brought in by hand and the largest piece of equipment that will be used is a wheel barrel. The wall assembly consists of the building of the pool structure with prefabricated wall panels. Trenches are dug from the pool area to the pool filter for the pool plumbing.

The pool floor is prepared with a sand bottom before the liner is put in place. This treatment provides a smooth surface for the pool floor, and fills any gaps in the excavated area. Once the liner is installed, the pool is filled with water immediately. Filling the pool may take 1-2 days, depending on water pressure. Once the pool is full, we will return to finalize all aspects of your pool setup.

Long Island Vinyl Swimming Pool Builder

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