Construction Process

Inground Pool Construction

Have the pool of your dreams in two weeks or less.

After meeting with your design specialist, one of our engineers will come your home and help you decide on the final size and location of your pool.  The pool construction starts with Dunrite pools working with your local municipality.  Dunrite pools will secure all of the proper permits to make the pool of your dreams a reality.  A member of our pool construction team will do a site inspection at your home, to help determine the best location for your dream pool.  Before excavation begins he will mark out the shape of your pool to help.  After the location and size is determined an excavatgor will come to your home and remove debris and begin to dig.  The material will then arrival on site an your house.  Have more questions? Call us at:  (631)-585-1618

Watch us excavate a backyard in one day:


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