Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pools

Dunrite Pools selection of above ground pools are an excellent cost effective alternative to an inground pool.  Similar to our inground pools, all of our above ground pools include installation, a full start up and an explanation of the entire pool operation. There are many sizes of above ground pools available that offer hours of family fun and good exercise when the summer heat wave comes.  Choose a sunny area in your yard where you can envision your pool. Need help?  A member of the Dunrite Pools team will help you plan the right location. We make sure you understand your pool before we leave!


Let’s start from the ground up, with the liner. The thicker the liner the more resistant to punctures.

Dunrite Pools has a large selection of  above ground pool liners in different shapes, sizes and patterns.  Our above ground pool liner selection includes plain, mosaic and marble, patterns.  You can view our selection online or come into our store.

Above Ground Pools

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